Monday, April 6, 2009

Content cleared!

Sarth10+3D down! Woooooo! Big grats to all my guildees!

While I was in on it for the first hour, this bit of concentrated evil that has usurped my immune system decided to make another push towards killing me, and I politely stepped out for the other hunter officer. Not sure how soon after I left they got it, but downed him they did, and I am very happy for them!

Now all we are missing is 6-minute Maylgos 25! Next week's goal ;)


Edit: Actually, I lied. Our MT, two of our healers, and our enhance shaman got Glory of the Raider last night. Uber grats on their (ugly) mounts!


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting that! I would think the big patch is coming soon, and I would hate to think you guys miss the protodrake by || that much.

Negathle said...

Yeah, there is only one of us who is really close to it - he only needs the 4H one, which we got a long time ago.

It also happens to be the other hunter officer, but I'm not bitter >.>

Anonymous said...

Grats on clearing the content. I can't believe its taken me so long to discover you and your blog. I suck. Anywho, I'm throwing you up on my blogroll. I enjoy the the "Angry Butterfly." Keep up the goodwork!

Nassira said...

ZOMG Grats!!!!!!!!!!

=D I bet you're psyched.