Thursday, April 23, 2009

A good start to the week

Two days, five bosses down. The nerf to XT made it very easy to get in a couple of attempts, and despite the fact that it seemed like the adds were moving faster, we still managed a great achievement. I dedicate this one to Rilgon:

Eeeeek, Ayamiss attack!! /ducks for cover

We one-shotted Iron Council (and I forgot to pop my damn flask >_<). Check out the damage for the fight:
The other two hunters were both SV. G and I stayed together in each rune, and if anything, he had a head start in each one. I'm pretty happy! The Council dropped a pretty awesome sword, but alas, those melee types need stat-sticks for some reason... I took Drape of the Lithe for some hit maneuverability, but with it's weak AP, I won't use it until I trade something else out.

Ignis finally dies tomorrow!

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