Friday, April 17, 2009

My OCD misses my ammo bag

It took me awhile to give up my ammo bag after the patch. I am very particular as to how my bags are arranged, and figuring out how to distribute 12 slots to ammo in a way that satisfies my need for order will take time. The fact that my bullets filly up my first bag immediately drives me insane. But it's a waste to not use those extra bag slots, so I conceded to dragging out the Dragon Hide Bag from the bank and filling it half up.

I frowned when I saw that they were removing ammo bags/quivers. I think it was pointless, pure and simple. Not only are they removing yet another feature that gives the hunter class some flavor, but the only benefit people tell me is that it gives them is more bag space. Great. Further homogenization of the game for 8-10 more slots.

The greatest thing I dislike about WoW right now is the disappearance of details. No more quests or books to learn different skills or spells. No more certain locations to do certain things. Sure, it's easier, but it is also boring. I admit that only being able to create flasks at an alchemy lab was annoying, but it also required just a tiny bit of forethought and planning, and that made it interesting. There will never been another Rhok'delar or Benediction quest, nor is it likely that another Nat Pangle-like quest for a profession will emerge again. Hell, you don't even need any mats to make a fire now, despite the fact that they first created Gnomish Army Knives, then removed Simple Wood. This game is trading in complexity for simplicity, and that saddens me.

So what have we gained by this loss of a quiver? A bag slot. Fill that up, with ammo that no longer automatically goes there, half-way for a net gain of 8 to 10 more bag slots. Maybe some of you will use that for a profession bag instead. I've always just used my bank. But then again, I've never noticed a problem with bag space. When my bags are full from farming, I go to town, vendor/mail off anything I don't need, then go back to farming. Bag space, for hunters at least, is a matter of time, not slots.

I'll get used to it. I always do. It is easy to adapt to simplicity. After all, you don't hear many hunters complaining how difficult it is to not weave shots. But I'll mourn this change for the rest of my WoW career simply because something that made us special has been declared "impractical".


Brajana said...

I agree with you about how they are taking detail out of the game. Reading through the patch notes, I felt like they were purposely making the game more boring. I guess they are trying to bring focus to more specific things like Arenas/PvP and raiding, but I don't see what was wrong with how things were before. I don't see a real reason for why they got rid of stuff.

I'm happy though about the ammo changes. What I wasn't happy about was when they were planning to completely remove ammo from the game. That was silly to me. But now that I can be raid ready with just 2 or 3 stacks of ammo in my bag, I still have to buy ammo but I also have that valuable bag space, which I think is the closest they will get to satisfying both sides of the argument.

Klinderas said...


I always thought and still think the problem with ammo was the cost of it, not the space. Blizzard then make it all about the space, and the cost is still the same.

That's what bugged me about this: my space was fine. I liked having a quiver, and I didn't mind having one less bag cause it made organizing my ammo easier. The problem was the fact that it cost us so much money to do what other people do for free.

Anonymous said...

I love the additional bag space...luuuuuv it.

I agree though - losing the quiver is sort of like "not being an archer anymore." I don't like that.

I don't mind the ammo stacking the way it does in my bags (it does stack nicely to 1000 now) - but yes - my innate OCD is twerked most heavily because it sits loose in whatever bag will have it. ArkInventory fixes this problem to some small extent for me thanks to its filters - but still....


Kheldul said...

I feel the same way. WRT pouches and quivers, it's an optimization in our favor, but takes away the flavor.

Pike said...

I actually have yet to replace my ammo pouch with a bag and I don't know if I will, despite the fact that I really, really could use the bag space... same reason as you, though. I get SUPER anal-retentive about where my stuff is. The thought of having ammo in some random bag with other stuff just... doesn't fly with me >.>

/oh see dee

Negathle said...

I'm actually really tempted to drag out my Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina and use that, but I don't have a bow.

That is, I'm really hoping I can't put my bullets in a quiver, because that would be just wrong....

Kordwar said...

i keep forgetting i have a bag there, things go in and a swear i lose them. Simply because my eyes and hand are used to clicking on every slot but #2.

Torgall said...

The little details are part of what I like most about this game. I will miss it. It seems that Blizzard would like to push everybody to 80. And yeah, it's a whole new game at 80. And yeah, I was looking forward to finally getting level capped, but I also really enjoyed the journey to get there. Had too, since it took me 5 years! ;)

Brigwyn said...

I hate the lost of detail in the game also. And personally, I'm loving having an ammo bag stuffed full of ammo.

If I swapped it out for a bag, I'd probably only fill it up with ammo.

Why? So I don't have to go buy ammo as often.

But then again I never really had bag space issues.

Good article. :)