Thursday, April 16, 2009

I need about a dozen more talent points...

I miss Aspect Mastery terribly. Not only does losing the talent put me back under the 5k RAP mark, but the Ulduar fights almost demand damage mitigation of some sort.

I fully concede that Survival Instincts is a must now. The amount of raid damage that is going on for the first three bosses after Flame Leviathan is nothing short of mind-boggling. While we worked on Ignis for a good two hours after downing Razorscale, we just couldn't figure out any other way of doing the fight in its current state without stacking healers. Deconstructor, while it can be thought of as a Solarian-Voidreaver-Noth fight, allows no wiggleroom when you get the bombs, for the damage starts immediately. I value Aspect Mastery now more for its improvements to Dragonhawk alone instead of the buff to Viper.

These fights are also rather melee-unfriendly, that is to say, rather pet unfriendly as well. And while I can manage my pet as well as the next hunter, there are very few instances in these fights where Tinea is not taking damage. Serenity Dust is great, but I definitely miss Improved Revive Pet. Luckily, mana has not been an issue, so rezzing her mid-fight cost me more time than anything.

Of course, the four points I want won't simple appear out of thin air. The three points that will be the first to go, I think, will be Improved Steady Shot. The last point most likely from Rapid Recuperation. ISS has not impressed me that much, particularly since wasting it on Arcane Shot is more detrimental now than before. The point from Rapid Recuperation because I have not had mana problems. But we will see. I plan on waiting until next Tuesday to change anything, so that any bug fixes can be changed in the mean time.


Zalenna Feathermoon said...

Hmmm....we are a little hunter heavy on the team , but each one has a part to play , we normally run with 3 or 4 hunters , but the main 3 are all different , one of Each spec and i am the BM hunter , mostly .

Dual spec is awesome , it will take time to figure out the fights and how to work them for your pets

Torgall said...

Last weekend (pre-patch) we did a Naxx run with no melee DPS at all. We were all amazed at how much more smoothly things seemed to go.

I never specced into ISS until my first respec following the patch. And yes, Arcane keeps eating mine too! I don't think ISS is going to stick around for me.