Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Girls and WoW: Again?

I did a dangerous thing: I ventured to the official forums. I admit I was perusing through the BlueTracker when this post caught my eye, but at least it only led to the Off-Topic forums and not the Hunter forums (no, I haven't broken my promise to myself).

A Blue acknowledged an up-and-coming blogger; an act I generally see as a good thing. However, for some reason, the fact that the author titled the tread Real Girls DO Play WoW and made it out to be something unique kinda bothers me.

Sure, the joke "OMG a woman on the internez!!1!" still goes around, but it goes around with the sort of sarcasm of a dying topic. Female players are not uncommon, especially not on WoW, at least not now. We might have been Blue-quality at one time, but I think now we are definitely Green. So what makes this blog any different from any other of woman-authorship? Is it because we are not "real girls"?

Now I'm just getting nitty-gritty (and perhaps a bit wishy-washy, too). No, I do not like the color pink, romantic comedies, or reading Cosmo. Yes, I do like discussing which captain of the Enterprise was better, figuring out my computer's malfunctions, and playing drinking games to really bad movies. I also enjoy wearing skirts (and, I too, have a discernible waist) . I caused some of the guys in the guild to "O.O" in response to hearing me coo uncontrollably over the new turtle mount. I am also a massive flirt. But maybe "real girls" simply don't play WoW, and that is the dividing line. Perhaps "real girls" are simply ignorant of the terminology and technique, and that's what makes them "real".

Beyond this criticism of the blog and her presentation of it, I actually think she has a good premise for blogging, abet not exactly an original one. She is an intelligent young woman who is new to the game, and she is blogging her experience. I've also noticed a trend in her posts to look at it from the anthropological point of view, and I like that twist to it.

So venture over to My Adventures with WoW to see for yourself. It is, after all, very healthy to see what it's like to be new to the game again. But let her down gently that she's not the only in-shape, female player out there ;)


Maevet said...

honestly this reminds me of the idiocy that went around some years back where people were going OMG!asManyWomenPlayVGsAsBoys! Only when devinating the facts, it turned out that within given age brackets the women played almost as much as males of the next lower bracket...

maybe I'm just a grouch an' her blog isn't as vapid as I percive..

Annie said...

Oh, the official forums are dangerous - they make me want to write answers that would get me flamed into infinity :D

All I can say is that I hope she'll drop the "real girl" tag, and focus on "new to WoW" with a bit of an anthropology angle instead.

I bet there are many female gamers/gaming bloggers out there, going "Huh? I have a fine waist, tyvm!!"

Zalenna Feathermoon said...

Heheh , i got a coworker ( girl ) friend of mine on it. WoW is like crack for the imaginative . I should know , i have a story behind my character ( which i need to post on my blog one day ).

But i find it kinda relaxing that i can share something with a future girlfriend one day ( if i can find a good one ). This is a game and we are suppose to have fun .

The only bad thing bout the whole girl thing is , i find my character getting flirted with by some weirdo. but sometimes i play along then crash his hopes later . its fun and ppl like that should not assume anything .

Nassira said...

After seeing some WoW gamer girlz site giving horrible advice and being overall attention-whoring LOOK AT ME I HAVE BREASTS AND PLAY THIS GAME TO FIND MEN, I wrote a private blog post regarding women and gaming. It was relatively insulting, so I kept it private, but I was very angry. I feel you.

And I'm also just like you - I have a discernable waist (loled at that), love sexual innuendo, discuss dorky things, and enjoy the occasional cute, fluffy animal. But for some reason, certain females who believe themselves to be the "popular girly girl" like to make it sound as if all women are "gurlz" and that they're the epitome. And apprently, if you're not just like them and have nail-painting parties and fashion shows all week, and generally being self-possessed, you're not a real girl. Well - here's how I see it. I'm not a "real" girl. I'm a REAL WOMAN. And I'm alllllll woman, baby.

They can have the "gamr gurl" title. I'll take the "gamer" title and be a woman like always.

Nassira said...

Oh and BTW - Piccard wins, hands down.

Eat it, Kirk fans.

Zalenna Feathermoon said...

But that new Star Trek movie comin out looks very good
i lean more to Star wars , but this looks to good to pass up
Lt. Commander Data ( 4life )

Negathle said...

@ Nass
Oh, I have had many an instance where I want to bitch out some women. One used her sex to get what she wanted constantly - even to the point where she started pulling it on me. When I continued to say no, she replied "Oh, I'll just go to A" - the (male) GM. I've never wanted to punch someone more in my life.

@ Annie
Agreed. She writes well, her premise is just lack luster - plus selling her waist does *not* buy her many fellow female-blogger fans.

I think Piccard is the better Cap't, but there is something about Kirk that makes me root for him every time :)

Zalenna Feathermoon said...

It is cause Shatner made a Warcraft commercial

Torgall said...

Christopher Pike? Nah, not enough exposure. Mirror Mirror Spock would've been cool. But in the end I guess it comes down to JTK for me.

Stupid Mage said...

Janeway, DUH

Brajana said...

I agree with Nass on every point she said.

Especially the Picard one.


I know a girl at school who is a counterstrike girl. All the boys follow her around like puppy dogs and she loves it to death.

Faelorin said...

just read through it, I am hoping that she eventually leaves all the "Ima Girl" stuff on the floor, she seems to be writing from a perspective that she is one of the only girls who play the game. I guess we will see.

Picard FTW.......

Ribeye / Manchego said...

Somebody shoot me right in the head, please. 3 posts and she's listed in the WoW forums. I think it took me about 2-3 months before I even had a day where I cracked 50 hits.

Not to be too tough on the new kid in class here, but I'm willing to forgive more than a few of the stuff that falls under criticism because, well - she's new. I remember back when I first started playing and trying to find some way to finagle my Hunter's tree into including "counterattack" from the Survival tree because it looked sooooooo 1337. I've had other stupid inclinations as well, likely too numerous to name, but we all learn and grow out of em.

So, yeah. I think she's definitely got something if she takes the "girlfriend of WoWaholic decides if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" angle and chronicles her learning curve. There's a whole lot of WoW Girlfriends (and WoWwives, I have one of those!) out there who would likely appreciate the heck out of that angle.

(off the top of my head,) Neggles. Runycat. Phaelia. Bellweather. Braids. While some of the above might be in retirement (semi, or otherwise) at present, I'd say that's a good start to a listing of WoW Women... and I could probably find about two dozen other fine female-written WoW blogs (I.E. "Tank Like a Girl") in 10 minutes time if I looked, just that you might not recognize the character names.

So, pioneering? No. Definite niche potential? Heck yeah. Me, jealous of her getting moar meter hits right out of the chute? Also affirmative. :P I'm interested to see if it's still going strong in 2-3 months.