Monday, April 13, 2009

Leatherworking in Ulduar

Eight Leatherworking patterns will drop from the bosses in Ulduar. Like Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Cavern, they will make boots and belts. However, unlike those patterns, all the products are BoE so that more than just LWers can use them. This also means if you have the mats, you can make a tidy profit off of these lvl 226 items. The patterns themselves are also BoE, so they can also be sold for a pretty sum to those completionists, like me.

Footpads of Silence
Boots of Wintry Endurance
Death-warmed Belt
Belt of Arctic Life

Lightning Grounded Boots
Boots of Living Scale
Belt of Dragons
Blue Belt of Chaos

I hope you've been saving up on the leather goods! The 40 Nerubian Chitin will be a particular bitch. Three items require between 8 and 12 Eternal Life or Shadow in place of the leather extras. However, every piece takes 8 Arctic Fur and 6 Runed Orbs. Runed Orbs are the equivalent of Nether Vortexes/Hearts of Darkness from BC. They may be purchased for 15 Emblems of Conquest, in addition to dropping from bosses in Ulduar.

Happy farming!


Criven said...

*Sigh* As a LW who only really runs 10 man content, I'm probably never going to be able to make these.

From the look of things both Runed Orbs and the patterns are only going to come from Ulduar 25 and Ulduar 25 tokens. :(

It's a pity, because I'm an absolute completist with my professions. It's going to really bug me to pay 2-3k each or do without the patterns.

dyahnna said...

Wow... I'm kind of, no, very disappointed with these offerings. I'm seriously considering taking a week off of questing/grinding rep and raids just to try levelling another profession. Those patterns, while nice enough, are not enough.

A little more variety would be nice.

Negathle said...

As of right now, the patterns are Best in Slot for Hunters. I am quite eager to the tips to come rolling in.

Chris said...

actually none of those recipes are going for anything less than 1000 g on Lightning's Blade.
again i am also a completionist
but the real pain in the ass (excuse my language kids) will be the Runed Orbs
i mean 15 Emblems of Conquest are hard to get you Naxx ppl
and personally, i want my Conquerers Chest and some other piece for 58 Emblems each
so its in reality kinda hard
ohh and Negathle they are third best in set imo

Negathle said...

It's like people don't even look at the date of the posting or comments... o_o