Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Against better wisdom, we plowed straight into Ulduar 25. It was laggy to all hell, Ignis was bugged, but regardless, it was a wonderful experience.

First of all: All you Marksmen, spec into Silent Shot. Don't let this "PvP-talent" be sidelined. You'll need it for Razorscale's adds.

We tried Flame Leviathan with all the towers up first, accidentally. While we had a couple people who knew what they were doing from the PTR, only one tower's debuff was up (yay bugs!), so we those of us who only knew the fight from strategies didn't know where to go for the towers. I must say though, the insanity that erupts when all the towers are up is pretty cool.

The big machine went down. Auto-badge looting is probably the best idea Blizzard has had since depreciating respec price. Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth dropped, along with plate tanking bracers and a caster neck. I was on a motorcycle this time, but I can't wait to try the other two vehicles or be catapulted on to the Leviathan to short circuit it.

From there we went to Razorscale, but the server lag was so terrible that we decided to make friends with the MC giants across the way to Ignis. The trash was AWESOME. Not only were they completely melee unfriendly, but the paired elementals in there spawned two fiery tornadoes, too! It took us two attempts of nearly wiping the raid to figure out the mechanical golems.

Ignis wasn't loosing his add debuff, but we tried out various strategies without too much avail. Server lag had cleared up by this point, so we spent the last hour working on Razorscale. We got her to about 75% on our second attempt. It is a matter of not standing in the shinies, tanking the whirl-winding add successfully, and keeping the watchers silenced. Chaos, in other words! At least two of our top guilds got it tonight (including the achievement for her).

Oh, yeah, and deep Marksman is wonderful! I couldn't get an accurate comparison between me and the SV officer, but it looks about even. He tamed a wolf in UP before he came (mine is still 76), so it was a bit unbalanced buff wise. I miss Aspect Mastery and Improved Revive Pet though, considering how melee-unfriendly these fights are; Tinea died a lot.

With the glyphs no longer requiring a Lexicon of Power, I am considering carrying a bunch of standard ones around to use for certain fights. Glyph of Kill Shot for add fights was my main thought, though I'm sure there are others as well.

All in all, I'm quite happy with 3.1, though I'll have to wait until this silly BA is done to do anything with the Argent Tourny. Happy Patch Day!


Kheldul said...

Ah sounds like you had some serious fun. I had latency 7x normal. I DC'd >20 times (and I have an authenticator...). And then finally the instance server semi-crashed and never got fixed. Everyone could talk in guild, raid, and /General. Everyone could move around, but nothing else moved or could be acted on.

Zalenna Feathermoon said...

Yea .....we had the same trouble pretty much , we went in there while mods were broken and unpaired , made past the frist boss no prob, but Ingnis and trash prove to be a little harder , we hit a wall and deside to end it there , come back later and be ready

Anonymous said...

yeah - no argent crusade for me either. Going to wait for the crowd to die down a little.