Friday, May 1, 2009

A busy week

After a beautiful pair of one-shots on both Hodir (scoring the side achievement) and Freya, we managed our first poke on Thorim. The progress is good, and loots are shiny. Freya offered up T8.5 pants - my first step towards that beautiful 2-piece set bonus. Check out Recount for her as well:

Then there is the flurry with all the holidays. Finally had the Tuxedo Pants drop to polish off the achievements for the the holiday, though I managed the Meta Day 1. I was disappointed that they didn't update the BE Orphan quests, so I hurried through her to get Veteran Nanny, and did everything else with my precious little Orc Orphan.

While the requirements for School of Hard Knocks seem impossible at first, by far the most difficult is the AV Tower. It must be an assault, so recapping your own tower does not count (that would be a defense). The best way to get this is to find a fellow achievement seeker on the opposite fraction who recognizes this dilemma. I had a NE druid from my own server just sit in Stonehearth with us, capping it and then letting us cap it, over and over again. I did the same for the Alliance in Iceblood. Of course, you have the Honor grinders that don't understand that it is inevitable for the achievement lovers to participate in this, and they will kill off the friendly players. These are instances where I have a very strong desire to gank my own faction. (And, ironically, the majority of these are Blood Elves...)

IRL, my sleep schedule is all chaotic, and graduation looms ever closer. This means I have a severe case of Senior-itus, and my motivation to write a 4-5 page paper on a third century Roman emperor and the propaganda about him is pretty much nil. I have many topics that I've wanted to blog about, however, but considering I was very surprised that today was Friday and not Wednesday, I think it's a bit obvious my time management has been a bit wonky.

Anyway, hopefully I can get back into a normal cycle this weekend.


Thunderhorns said...

Are the nerfs to Uldaur noticeable yet? I heard some of the nerfs went in as a hotfix. And a few people are reporting at least a few bosses are much easier now than they were before.

Negathle said...

Oh, yes. We killed up to Auriaya (six bosses) in three hours on Tuesday.

Nassira said...

Grats! Also, what is that nifty little bar mod to the left with your pet commands in it?

The nerfs are definitely noticeable, and it kinda made me sad a bit. I wanted to do it when it was still at its toughest. Of course, it's still no faceroll, but you know...