Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PvP does not lower bloodpressure..

...particularly when your battlegroup contains several of the best PvP servers.

Kilrogg is the number 1 (or 2) PvE server in the US. But we are only number 8 overall. All the PvP servers rank before us. Why? Well, despite its critics, it's true: PvP makes you a better player.

Of the top 10 US servers, 9 are PvP. Half of them are in the same battlegroup (Bloodlust), the rest are scattered. This means that when I need to vent, I can't just go mindlessly slaughter Alliance, because odds are I will be outgeared and most likely outplayed.

Kilrogg has its fair share of good PvP players, but world PvP is relatively rare. I keep World Defence up in a seperate tab, but it is pretty much silent save for those world objectives in Outland. Those PvP masters on our server are in the best guilds and in demand for raids. The quick decisions and lightning reflexes needed for PvP translate seemlessly into PvE - the reverse is less true. Kiting, perhaps, but I can think of little else.

I don't deny that since I took up PvP with interest, I have improved as a player. When I have the opportunity to practice (i.e. not farmed by a rogue), I see myself thinking critically and strategically - something I did not do three years ago. Knowing that you are dealing with another player instead of a machine following a set amount of commands makes you deal with encounters differently each time. That mage will not approach you with the same rotation of spells or cooldowns the second time you face him.

So while I will always and forever interested in this game for the PvE content, I cannot dismiss or belittle what I gain through PvP play. I am not as skilled a PvP player as I am a PvE player, and I hope to improve that. Assuming those fucking stun-locking son-of-an-ogre rogues will let me.


Kordwar said...

my 2s partner and i are firm believers that pvp makes you better at your class in most cases. Gives you better reaction time and helps you keep on your toes when sh!t hits the fan. I know alot of people who had no idea what to do during the priestess fight in Mgt because it was like a 5s match.

Torgall said...

As much as I railed on the School of Hard Knocks part of Children's week, it did get me to spend some honor on low grade (as in at least it's better than pve) pvp gear, and it also got me back into Battlegrounds a few times a week.

I used to run AB all the time while leveling. Then something happened around level 50 and I hadn't really been in a battleground until Children's Week. And it also suckered me into giving up 1000 gold to duel spec into a somewhat pvp-ish MM spec. Now I've got new tools to try out when I need a break from the daily grind for gold in preparation for the raids.