Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just delete Engineering already

I'm not an Engineer, but I know it is a favored and beloved profession of many hunters. Because of that, I hold a certain fondness-by-association for the profession, and all these nerfs to it are starting to piss me off. Seriously Blizzard, if you are going to nerf the profession to the ground, just finish the job and delete it. I'm tired of seeing an aspect of the game that people enjoy trivialized into oblivion for no particular reason. Kill it, and let people move on.

As I'm sure you all know by now, all item 226 range weapons had their damage increased. GC offers the explanation because there is no equivalent ammo upgrade. That's all fine and dandy - I mean, who doesn't like doing more damage for free? - but there was a better solution to this than changing already established items: Upgraded bullet and arrow schematics to Engineering. The arrow and bullet machines are currently one of the few income sources available to Engineers, and something that will be a reason to keep the profession alive. Make the mats expensive - too bad there isn't a Ulduar-only mat more cost-effective than Runed Orbs - and engineers will profit; hunters will buy them. Or even better and gold-friendly: Make a requirement for the ammo to be matched with a certain level of weapon. That way it won't be any more expensive but can't be taken advantage of by fresh 80s, which was what GC said prevented them from implimenting a new level of ammo. Of course, who knows what their full intentions for ammo is right now. GC says they have plans; he mentions not liking causing arrows to drop as loot, so I suppose that nixes the idea for ammo as a relic/totem/libram/sigul. Regardless, whatever they plan to do to ammo in the future, I highly doubt it will be kind to Engineers.

I get frustrated with the Nitro Boost-rogue getting the flag half-way across midfield in Warsong Gulch, but I've also always felt that PvP is a matter of skill, not professions and gear. Like specs, I greatly dislike the idea of a profession getting designated "The PvP Prof." So when aspects like Nitro Boost get nerfed, I cheer, but when the stealth detection nerf hit to Engineering goggles, I frowned. I can't help but think it terribly unfair to create even more disadvantage against a class that the majority of players don't have a chance again without honed reflexes/perfect latency/particular phase of the moon. Two nerfs in one go is just another death sentence to the profession.

Until Blizzard gets their act together and grats the profession some miraculous resurrection, I'm going to say Rest In Peace Engineering. We knew and loved you well.


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Kordwar said...

Looks like i might as well put tuskers vitality on my PvP boots. I don't give a damn if they take professions out of arena at this point. If i can't Masters call + nitro boost away from the chains of ice spamming DKs then everyone else shouldn't be able to have +26 agility gems while we're in there.

Nassira said...

"Particular phase of the moon"


That's exactly how I feel. "Well, the air is just right and that rogue is a retard, looks like I'll barely kill him this time so long as he doesn't vanish and bandage like any real rogue would. Thank god he forgot Crippling Poison or it'd be like any other rogue fight..."

Ammo as a weapon slot would be nice, perhaps give an epic or BIS weapon schematic to Engi that drops from Ulduar. Dunno.

Thunderhorns said...

If they get rid of engineered ammo, I'm dropping engineering for sure. Biggest waste of a profession.