Monday, May 18, 2009

Tentacle rape INC

The Shadow Bolt dance is a beautiful thing, and look what happens when you do it well: Profit! Well, not so much beyond Vezax's death, since the big lobster refused to drop anything shinier than a wand. But it is progress, and we made our first pokes on Sara.

Avoid the smog, sounds easy enough. You'd think... We get all night tomorrow to work on ol' Yoggy, and maybe we'll even get past phase 1! -_-


KiwiRed said...

We got the General down last night as well, and spent an hour on Yogg-Saron... The transition from phase 1 to phase 2 was insane (in a manner of speaking), and almost invariably fatal for us.

I want to go back to General - that fight was fun (probably because I wasn't one of the people doing interrupts).

Klinderas said...

You're going to have some interesting search terms that find your blog now, methinks.

Congrats on downing the big lobster!

Negathle said...

Crap, don't jynx me!

Yeah, Vezax is fun, if you're not melee ;)