Saturday, May 9, 2009


Finally a pretty range weapon:

Well, pretty is a relative term, I suppose, but I am very glad Blizzard wised up and put in an equivalent range weapon to the one only attained by a 2200 rating.

Day Two into the Scav-mayhem. I played my first game of Capture The Flag IRL today. I think I prefer WSG, though I did enjoy myself considerably. I did notice, however, that some tactics are simply universal: Multiple wave strategies for heavy defenses and the lone raider hovering outside of tag range, taunting people to tag him simply by his presence.


Eidtalheg said...

So... you weren't helplessly death-gripped or stun-locked? Hm, it seems hunters are more effective in RL PvP... ;P

Torgall said...

The best RL capture the flag games are at night, in the woods in the middle of nowhere, and only noobs bring flashlights.

Of course if I had been using a flashlight I might have seen that barbed-wire fence before I tried running through it!