Friday, May 15, 2009

How best to serve Vezax...

During the two hours we pounded our heads against the Big Lobster, we settled on boiling him whole and serving with copious amounts of butter. Mmm... butter.... We also got him to 15% before running out of mana, and the tank going splat.

Besides the obvious annoyance of needing a Death Knight tank for him, I must say I did enjoy the "Shadow Blast Dance", so to speak. The SV hunter that was leading the damage admitted to never having to go into Viper, but little MM me (only at #3) had to go into Viper three-times...

He dies Sunday.


Thunderhorns said...

How come you need a Death Knight to tank Vezax? Is Anti-Magic shell that important?

I noticed a few fights in Ulduar are set up so that DK tanks are ideal. The add control for Ignis is done best by a good DK. Also Emalon is good for a DK tank who can pop his cooldowns for the lightning nova and never have to stop building threat.

And I was wondering, do you have any top DK dpsers?

Negathle said...

Icebound Fortitude - so the tank doesn't have to kite him when Surge of Darkness is up.

We do have one DK DPS - an Unholy. Blood would be redundant since we already run with a MM Hunter and Enhance Shaman.

Thunderhorns said...

I did not realize Icebound Fortitude alone was enough to stand up to Vezax's power buff. It's only a 35% damage reduction, not even as good as shield wall. But it is on a shorter cooldown.
Interesting to know that a DK can stand and take it with Icebound fortitude.

I'm an Unholy DK DPS myself. I usually hammer pretty hard given my gear level. I always like to see how Unholy DKs do in bigger 25 man guilds.