Monday, May 11, 2009


Scav ended yesterday, and I must say I couldn't be more proud of my team - we tied for 6th, a considerable improvement from last and second to last from earlier years. I won't go into details, but suffice to say the judge that read my little story for "#32: Warcraft 3, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Pong. LARP one and write a steamy fan fic crossover for the other two. [8 points]" was blushing furiously. Yes, Peach did eventually attain Star Power with the help of Jaina Proudmoore's cherry.

I'm recovering now, though for some reason I thought it would be wise to attempt to raid last night. Hint: Attempting to succeed on Mimiron is foolhardy when you have been up for the majority of the last five days. So after an hour and a half, I asked to be replaced, and then I fell asleep immediately. Interestingly, I did prove that my hunter-skills are completely innate at this point in my career by kiting one of the Clockwork Mechanics around Yogg's prison twice, despite being 3/4 asleep.

While I was gone, two patterns for Boots of the Living Scale dropped, and the friend that was doing my dailies for me also scored me a shiny new Delicate Stormjewel for them in my fishing reward. I gotta say, getting gear while not playing was rather nice! Too bad my egg didn't produce a Green Proto while he was at it!

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks coming up as I prepare for graduation (four weeks), but, ironically, Scav recharged my motivation to get everything done. Here's to hoping I can keep it together, both ingame and out!

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Thunderhorns said...

Grats on being almost done with college. That's awsome.