Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thinking About Imp. Steady Shot

Tonight I jumped in for the last two hours of Naxx, from Patchwerk on. I was the only MM hunter - two SV hunters were there for the entirety of the night, one other SV hunter was there for three wings. Here is the WWS.

Times Imp. Steady Shot procced per fight:
Patchwerk - 10
Grobbulus - 5
Gluth - 7
Thaddius - 5
Razuvious - 5
Gothik - 2
Four Horsemen - 5
Sapphiron - 3
Kel'Thuzad - 15

I noticed that I tend to use Arcane once Imp Steady procs, if only because that's the available shot at the time - I want to say that tendency is roughly 80%.

If I move those points out it will be into Barrage to boost Aimed Shot (which is currently my lowest shot), though I wonder if reducing yet another mana efficiency talent is worth it - I go an OOM at around twice in an encounter.

Just thoughts.

Oh, and nerf Ret Pallies (haxxors!) :P

I like where I am here - if this is where Blizzard wants hunters to be, I'm fine with that!

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