Monday, February 2, 2009

Heh, Google'd

"leatherworking dailies"

I wish. No, my dear Leatherworkers, we have no profession dailies, unlike our Jewelcrafting brethern. Whereas they receive their purchasable patterns from the tokens rewarded from that daily, all of our patterns are bought using Heavy Borean Leather or Arctic Fur from Braeg Stoutbeard.

"thrusting hodir's spear"

Spam 1 (Grip) until you get 90 or so, then spam 3 (minor damage) until he swipes. Hit 2 (Dodge), then 4 (major damage). Spam 1 again, then 3, until the next swipe, rinse and repeat. Don't use 4 without a dodge before it - my tolerance is about 3-5 second window, if the CD is almost up. Once you are in it's mouth, pry it maybe 3 times before your first time thrusting, then keep prying until the thrusting CD is up. Wow, that sounded bad...

"moth pet 3.0.8"

Tinea is doing quite well, I am happy to report - she is out-damaging cats consistently. I have not tried working with her without the macros yet, but I haven't seen anything to suggest that they have been fixed to automatically cast Rabid and Serenity Dust yet.

"nerubian chiton"

Major pain to farm, imo. Just run AN or OK imo >.> If I ever have to grind farm it, I'll let you know.

"difference between female tauren and taunka"

None. Lazy Blizzard bastards...

"can i respec my pet's talent points?"

Yes, same way you always used to train your pet back in the day - just go to a pet trainer in any major city.

"fan art of lady sylvanas naked"


"what happen when you kill a butterfly in the past"

You'll be killed by a butterfly in the future.


Criven said...

"fan art of lady sylvanas naked"

0_0 ...How exactly did you turn up in that search Neg?

Neggles said...

This post gets a lot of traffic, and I suppose certain other key words didn't help <.<;

Kordwar said...

Sadly no engineering daily either -_-

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Wait, you didn't make that post with the naked Sylvanas pics public?

Neggles said...

You wish I did.

Er, wait... >.>