Friday, February 27, 2009

Real Hunters Have Curves

Pike's most recent post inspired me to talk about why I chose Tauren as my race.

A long, long time about (3.5 years? Bloody hell, I feel old) the Man and I decided to start an MMORPG together to help bridge the distance apart - we chose WoW. He scouted it out, and when I joined him, he said he started a Tauren Warrior. I approved of the choice of Horde (goody-two-shoes-Alliance never appealed to me), and decided to follow his lead as a Tauren, mainly because I could be tall. Yes, the 5'3" RL-me never gets to tower over anyone, so I rolled a lady Tauren so I could be eight feet tall. That, and those curves are real, baby!

Admittedly, Tauren do not have the best racials for a hunter class. Warstomp is nice for PvP and AoE (sometimes), and the extra HP is nice for high-damage fights, but we do not have any direct-DPS racials, like the Trolls or Orcs. But that's okay - racials do not make or break DPS. Hell, if they did, you wouldn't see any Blood Elf Hunters running around... The size is nice, however, for Not-Standing-In-The-Shinies Fights, as I find it easier to keep track of my toon amongst all the other chaos.

Pike also commented on how well gear looks on Lady Tauren, and I really must agree.
This was the first bit of fan-art I did of Neg, in which she's rocking Rhok and my favorite-looking armor set ever. (Points if you can name it!) I mean, look at it! It's the sexiest mail armor I've ever seen!

We Lady Tauren are rare, but then again, the best girls always are!


Kordwar said...

Black Dragon Mail :D

Pike said...

Hehe. 5'2" here. Short women unite! =P

Väkis said...

Black...dammit Kordwar beat me to it :<

Nassira said...

I can't see your picture. =(

Also, lol at the tall bit. I'm 5'10" IRL and it's not nearly as cool as you might think it could be. In fact, it rather limits my choices of men and makes me very intimidating. As a woman, it's better to be a few inches shorter. I've always wished I could chop off the lower half of my legs and be a cute little girl, but apparently you need legs to walk. Be glad you'll never have to bend over to kiss a guy - average men are 5'8". =(

Neggles said...


I don't think anyone is ever happy about their end height :P

Weird that you can't see the picture though.. direct link >.<

Kordwar said...

Aha! I'm right! That means I'm first to see the udders right? :P

Neggles said...

/eye twitches in anger

Kordwar said...

feel free to slap me if you see me on the PTR :D