Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spam passive? Really?

It was a fast run through Naxx last night. Had a lot of caster helms drop, several melee weapons, and a Strong-Handed Ring to finally upgrade Mobius Band.

We pulled a little early on Faerlina, resulting in two melee and one Moth being stuck beneath the webbing that covers the door. I sighed in Vent, but one of the other hunters said in hunter channel to spam passive and the pet would auto port to you. So I did. And it worked. Go figure.

It also worked on the passage to Gluth and when Tinea decides to run around on Thaddius.

Learn something everyday.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

I prefer to use EotB on Gluth because it takes time for the tanks to position him and establish threat.

Also, can we get your bug-wise opinion over at to end the argument? :D

Kheldul said...

You can also do a control-3 before running up the ramp to kill the mini-boss(es). Then after he's dead, you jump and your pet auto-depsawns while running back down the ramp to where he should be. You call him, do your Thaddius MD to the tank and you're on your way.

Or you can dismiss while your friends take the mini boss down the last 1%.

Or jump and try the passive-defensive-passive. It's said to work.

Sarai said...

This also works when he bugs out on Gothik. I know my pets always do, and I just hit passive then back to defensive.
Yes, I raid with my pet on defensive, don't flame me please.