Sunday, February 1, 2009

Some days, I really love GC

Him putting the smack down on some QQers.

Just some particular quotes I enjoyed:

Even though we can disagree on which hunter spec is the easiest to play, the class as a whole is not easy to play, at least not at the expert level.

We have some long-term plans for mechanics but it is way too early to talk about them. Blizzcon maybe. (Neg is intrigued...)

One more thing I would like to add is that there is no concept of “hunters do X dps.” You can generate numbers on a target dummy, or numbers on Patchwerk, or numbers for Naxx, or numbers for Naxx bosses. All of those are numbers are likely to be different, and that is something we want. We want every encounter to be different. We want some classes to so better on some fights than others. It’s more interesting that way than if every encounter in the game always produced the same classes in the same stack rank. A big disconnect between the community and the developers is that we don’t accept dps as an absolute number. It is relative and it is nebulous. The community with its spreadsheets and target dummies more often views it as an absolute.

That is the absolute mother-fucking truth right there.

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