Monday, February 9, 2009

Good news and bad news

The bad news is that Malygos is a cheap bastard that refuses to drop his Surge Needle Ring. I'm going to be rocking Mobius Band until Ulduar comes out, I swear.

The good news is that we downed OS10+2D in three attempts, ironically on the attempt that I remembered to trade out Tinea for Hctib. We did it with a druid MT, warrior OT, druid, pally, and priest healers, MM Hunter, Affliction Lock, Enhance Shaman, Fury Warrior, and FrostFire Mage. Having no Replenishment sucked BALLS.

And you thought this post had something serious to say :P


Plio the Devilsaur Hunter said...

yet think BRK had the same problem, I saw you had a moth could you like send me some stuff or how to play mm and your ideas and wanna know more about this moth of hardcore pain^^ looking a bit more into depth on all the talent builds my roots still fermly set in BM but I can't say I'm a good hunter without exploring deeper. don't wanna ask too much but anything would be cool!

Loving the blog and everything keeps me happy.
Plio and his devilsaur vlos

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

You and me both, Negs, you and me both.

Of course, for me to bitch, I have to down the sodding dragon, at least.