Sunday, February 1, 2009

My science failed me..

Seriously, in what culture is Positive-Left, Negative-Right?!

Tonight's Undying plans for Naxx10 were cut short at the first boss, Razuvious, when he looked at a tank the wrong way. So we decided to go for the rest of the achievements, including And They Would All Go Down Together and Just Can't Get Enough. The Four Horsemen achievement was rather easy and a lot of fun - we did it with three healers and found it was totally dependent on communication. We managed a handful of the other achievements for those who needed them, but I admit, I totally screwed over Shocking! for those who needed it.

In my world, negative is associated with the left and positive with the right, where dials are turned left to subtract and to the right to add and gages move right when positive and left when negative. So when I found out our guild does positive to the left and negative to the right for Thaddius, I literally had to pause for a second to override my instincts. Tonight, I didn't pause, and promptly went right when I had the positive charge. It took me a few seconds of uneasiness to determine something wasn't right, then apologized for nearly killing off half the raid.

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Nassira said...

Our guild does positive on the left. Just kind of what we started with, and now it's what we do. But now that you mention it, it does make more sense for negative to be on the GL never would've thought in that way though. lol