Sunday, February 8, 2009

Science telling us what gamers already know

Came across this study on slashdot today. Being the bio-nerd that I am, I found it interesting, but not surprising.

The mind works differently in PvE than in PvP. Well, duh. Every gamer knows your thought-processes differ when you are dealing with a boss opposed to a Holy Palidan. Abet, the study is simpler than that (a generic Prisoner's Dilemma), but the concept is the same: You think differently when you are confronted with a human opposed to a computer. And now we have direct evidence for it.

One little tidbit I liked, though I wish they would have gone further in depth, was their analysis of female vs. male neuro reactions. While there is no difference between the sexes in a PvE situation, males react more strongly in a PvP situation than females. The authors of the study makes some assumptions as to why that is (drawing on some of the same-old evolutionary aspects of "woman are better at emphasizing" and "men compensate by being more competitive"), but don't really come to any conclusions.

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Maevet said...

screw that noise, I'm just an agressive violent sod... not over compensating for anything, just doing what I do best... krush, magle and destory... except in wow's pvp... just not as fun as IRL pvp melee