Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some PTR shots

Thought I'd share some screenies from the PTR:

Tracking is bugged for me. Here I was Tracking Undead, then switched to Tracking Humanoids, but I'm tracking both. Evidently some people have two Aspects up at the same time, but it hasn't happened for me.

I like the new wardrobe system! Once activated, the little chest-icon appears on the character screen, and you can save armor set-ups as you would create and use a macro.

The new Summon Stable Pet is trainable for 24g and is under the BM tab of the spell book.

Once used, you have 2 minutes to have the stable open and the ability goes on cooldown.

I fiddled around with the new Argent Tournament, but got kinda lost beyond getting 5 tokens, so I gave up for the day and went back over to Kilrogg, where we cleared some old instances:

It is a hunter weapon!

1 comment:

Kheldul said...

Thanks for the screenshots. Call-able pets should be pretty nice.

I don't think I'm too OCD. Stylistically, hunters should have quivers and ammo bags. I've even felt that crossbows shouldn't use arrows...