Monday, February 23, 2009

Can has patch?

I didn't expect to be burned out by content this quickly. Honestly, I don't think I am quite yet - with the exception of Naxx - but it seems like a lot of people are.

Raids are usually scheduled a week in advance. Right now we clear all of 25 man content in two days. Naxx gets cleaned in about two-forty-five to three hours, Malygos is nearly always one-shotted, and Sarth Plus Three Drakes takes about two hours after that. Ten man content was pushed off to Sunday what with the work required of Sarth+3D, but now it seems we need to start working on Sarth10+3D on Thursday instead. Monday is clean up for whatever was left.

The achievement system is a mixed blessing. Yes, it does inspire people to push themselves, but what do they get? A little bar flashing at the bottom of the screen? E-peen points? Raiding achievements do separate those who raid for the sake of raiding and those who raid for loot. This week I think we need to start pushing Six Minute Malygos, maybe even start on some of those Naxx 25 achievements that actually have to be encouraged instead of simply done as a by-product of the encounter (Arachnophobia). Even if the non-achievement people don't see a point to doing it, it will sure as hell shake up the monotony of the raid.

Still, I'm afraid that we won't get some of these done before Ulduar hits. That same officer from earlier posts said that Sarth10+3D will be easier once we have Ulduar gear. The other officers told him that was entirely against the point. The Immortal sure as hell won't come any time soon - we have too many apathetic raiders; they don't try to die, but they don't put their 100% best effort in outside of Sarth25+3D. But certainly some of that apathy is born from pure boredom. This was the reason we pushed off starting the raiding season until the new year: To prevent this early burn-out. It seems it is inevitable though.

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