Friday, February 20, 2009

Hunter Chit-Chat

Nassira over at Diaries of a Marksman Hunter had a nice little Hunter discussion group tonight. It went well - we discussed Glyphs, the ISS/Wild Quiver/Piercing Shot debate, and Dual Specs.

Right off the bat, I promptly embarrassed myself by forgetting my third Major Glyph. Lawls. Once it's done, it's not something you think about frequently. When I changed from Glyph of TSA (or was it Aimed Shot?) to Glyph of Arcane Shot several weeks (months?) ago, I haven't looked back. Concordance was made that Glyphs of Serpent Sting and Steady Shot are musts, while the third is up in the air.

It was fun, and informative. I definitely felt at ease about the mp5 changes all the healers are fussing about - and here I was feeling sorta annoyed about it.

It should be interesting to hear - don't laugh at me too hard!

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Bob said...

Its fun to chat with hunters about huntering. I bore my guild (and family) to death cause the would rather talk about druids, mages, and what not. I ended up starting a blog so that I could get my rambling out in regards to huntering.