Thursday, February 26, 2009

Now that's a hawt mount

I'm a fan of the protodrakes (unlike a lot of people, evidently), but I have yet to get one due to time or luck. And now that the Black and Plagued Protos are being removed, and the likelihood of being able to pull off The Immortal before 3.1 hits is slim, I have a new goal. Where ever this sexy beast comes from, I want it!


slowwolf said...

I don't blame you.

I love proto drakes! They're really cool!

Why are they getting rid of them?

Neggles said...

The same reason they got rid of the ZA mouny: As gear gets better, the rewards is no longer a reward, it's just a free toy.

Sarai said...

They fail.
I wish they would quit doing this.

Kheldul said...

The protodrakes are nice. I'm just glad to have gotten the red drake rep reward. It's pretty fun.

Neggles said...

Haven't had time to get the red >.< It's a commitment!