Monday, February 16, 2009

A Guilty Day Off

The fiance was in town this weekend; our first time together since the first of January. After nearly four years in a long distance relationship, it's interesting how little I think about it anymore. When I told friends that he was coming up, they replied in the usual fashion: "Awww when was the last time you saw him?" or "Awww that must feel nice!" In all honesty, we've been in this cycle long enough that our periods together and apart have become quite normal - though now I fear being together any length of time will feel atypical! (But not really.)

Since we had all 25-man content cleared by Wednesday, Thursday was unscheduled. I did indicate that I would not be raiding Sunday for 10-man content, though that didn't stop the invite from going out. The Man and I do our typical thing togther: Play video games. The intervals are brief (I PvP or do something else that doesn't involve me for more than 30-minutes at a time, he plays Starcraft on his crappy Army laptop), so we may decide to take a break for a movie or anything else. This is what I tell the other officers, but it doesn't stop me from feeling guilty as they resort to 8-manning Malygos for lack of DPS.

For the most part I was silent in Officer Chat as both raids went through their frustrations. The 8-man raid finally managed A Poke In The Eye and had Surge Needle Ring drop (grats to the other hunter officer!) to which I offered my excitement. Yes, I would have loved to have been there, but it was more important that I logged off soon after to spend the rest of the evening with the Man than to work on OS10+3D (OMG it looks so much fun). I hope they made some head-way - I was busy cuddling.


Nassira said...

I want cuddles. While I play WoW. Too much to ask? Maybe. But I can dream.

Have fun with da man! =)

Anonymous said...

I dunno, cuddles while playing makes playing hard.