Saturday, January 10, 2009

My, how words may be twisted...

Evidently The Butterfly was dragged into a post on BRK about Arcane Shot being buffed by Ferocious Inspiration.

SO, let me set the order straight again: I don't hate BM, I hate the elitist BM bastards that degraded MM all through BC. I celebrate spec equality and the players that spec what they love because that's how they want to play. I also dislike lack of pet diversity; so while I bash cats, it's not just that they are OP, it's because they are all you see. Either nerf them so players can have their choice of pet beyond cats or make every pet OP.

When news about the SS and cat nerf hit, I made a post regarding how the love of a spec should not be changed by a damage nerf. It received a lot of attention, but it appears that everyone that views it tends to ignore the reply post I made to it.

If I'm evil, I'm only evil towards the Alliance, where my love for my faction shines through. Take today: I was half-way through the Grizzly Hills quests when a flagged 75 NE warrior comes up. I look at him, considering it, then go about my questing business. He sees me looking at him, prances about me for awhile, then wanders off into the woods. He begins to kill a wolf when I land a distance from him and kill him. Thirty seconds later I get a whisper telling me that I'm "not cool". He logs before I can tell him I was only doing what he asked me to do.

On the other hand, a good chunk of my fellow hunter bloggers are Alliance, so I guess I can't be that evil if I happily associate with them :P.

In the boader since of the word, no, I'm not evil. Hell, I don't even kill the Snowfall Den Mothers before taking their children (I sic my pet on her, snag the pups, then kill her) so the poor puppy kids won't be too traumatized. I just want to have fun playing what I love.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

where my love for my fraction shines through

Really, Neggles? I expect better out of you. /scold :P

Kordwar said...

he was flagged!

also, sometimes i forget to use arcane on the den mothers and explosive shot kills all the babies >.>

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Kordwar: Won't happen next patch! /cackle

And I was referring to her use of "fraction" (i.e. a fractional number), not "faction" (i.e. Alliance and Horde).

Neggles said...

I typo >.<

Kordwar said...

::ding ding ding::
that's the reading comprehension train passing me by.

i didn't even notice it :P