Wednesday, January 21, 2009

/hug Tinea

The Naxx 25 raid did go forward as planned last night. I can't say my DPS changed much honestly, but I wasn't trying Rilgon's 4-shot rotation either. Appears to me that SV may be the 'new' BM in terms of OP. Our two other hunters went SV for the raid, and while it sucked not having FI, our typical position on the meters did not change: SV -> MM -> SV. Our SPriest blew everyone away, and the buff to Elemental Shamans was quite impressive.

Just among the hunters, I can't help but wonder how much difference is caused by the Envy of Mortality verses Arrowsong. Explosive Shot was a good 45% of our top SV Hunter's damage, then Auto, then Steady. Our gear is fairly comparable at this point, save for the range weapons, though I'm still debating the 2% haste on Leggings of Colassal Strides verses the 30+ agility on Leggings of Failed Escape.

What I was rather pleased about last night was Tinea's DPS. She leapfrogged around the cats frequently, with a top DPS of 800 on one fight. She's still macroed for both Serenity Dust and Rabid, and that seems to work!

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Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Yeah, you know what it was? Moths and Wasps didn't have the 10% DPS bonus that Ferocity pets are supposed to have.

Ayamiss was blowing me away last night in Naxxramas, hitting something like 700 DPS on her own during Heigan! :)