Friday, January 30, 2009

A poor substitution

We've been pushing OS25+3D hard this week, getting the second drake to about 20% before the inevitable wipe. The fight is the best of all worlds: it's a survival encounter, and a healing encounter, and a DPS encounter. Maintaining rotations while taking care of yourself is the key to the fight - once you get that down, the loot is inevitable.

Discussing it among the officers, we (the two officers who happen to be hunters) decided to take a step towards simplifying the encounter: Tame Tallstriders.

I have five pets: My two beloved Windserpents, Aeris and Serphiroth; my two tanks, Maturin the Turtle and Fynt the Slime; and, of course, Tinea, my dearest moth. Fynt is my most recent pet, but his novelty and the fact that they did not replace the skin with the last patch encourages me to keep him. The remaining options are my most redundant pets, my precious Windserpents.

I love both of them dearly. Aeris was tamed as a Son of Hakkar, back when her skin would change color upon summoning. She is my eldest pet, so much so that I cannot recall any pet I had before her, even through leveling. Sephiroth was tamed soon after hitting 70. We had ventured into ZG again, and I discovered to my delight that level 62 Soulflayers were now tamable. His skin was beautiful and novel - his consistency at my side even encouraged one of the hunters from our server's top guild to tame one himself ("After seeing yours, I had to have one for myself."). He was probably the pet I was most excited to tame.

I really didn't have an option - Aeris is too dear to my heart to part with -so I took Seph down to Crystalsong Forest, and let him go.

I'll miss his beauty.

Off I went to Terrokar Forest to tame my Tallstrider.

I believe his name adequately reflects his position in our relationship.


Nassira said...


Perfect name.

Could you explain exactly how you'll use his abilities in the encounter? I'm interested to know...

Anonymous said...

That is indeed an awesome name.

I wonder what happened to that Imp?

Nassira, it's likely that the ability to make anyone in 10 yards miss, with 2 tallstriders, is going to cause the group to take the drakes withing 10 yards of one another. the Tallstriders will then take turns activating their ability, causing the drakes to miss an attack every 20 seconds, give or take.

If the DPS wasn't a problem, you could get a warpstalker to Warp, then cast intervene on the tank. Happens every 15 seconds, if you're good about it. But the DPS is an issue, especially for this fight, so i can't think of any other way to do this...

Unless you want to use a carrion bird.

Anonymous said...

That's is a really good idea. Please let us know how it pans out.

Neggles said...

That's the plan, though it's going to be a MAJOR bitch to work out once the third drake lands. 2k+ dmg for every hit makes for a dead pet >.<

Neggles said...

@ slowwolf

Last I knew, he was still tied up on the Plan of Suck :P

Anonymous said...

Not to bring up tough choices, but has your guild considered Tenacity Pets?

Roar of Sacrifice shunts 30% of damage taken to the pet for 12 secs on a 30 second cooldown. Might kill the pet outright, but might also increase the overall healing from HoTs. Kind of double dipping on things like Lifebloom and Rejuv.

Neggles said...

I feel like that's only good for one time use, and if healing is such a problem, then you're not ready for the encounter as is -_-.

Right now our greatest difficulty is dealing with the shield rotation. We are debating if we are going to try and use the Tallstriders on Sarth himself, or just on the Drakes. With everything else going on as is, I'm a bit nervous about dedicating more attention to timing hitting his breath.