Monday, January 5, 2009

(Leveling Leatherworking in Wrath) Slacker -->

I finally hit 450 Leatherworking this weekend. I may be a die-hard LW lover, but I confess, when I realized that nothing new was available at 450, the drive to hit it waned considerably. I don't use guides, but I'll tell you how I did it.

I skinned A LOT. When I had a ton of mats, I opened up the profession, clicked "Have Materials", then made in bulk the most I could get under orange, then sent all the resulting items to my fiance's warrior to DE it all into enchanting mats. For the most part I just used regular Borean Leather, but occasionally I had to use some Crystallized elements, mainly water and air.

This got me to 400. At this point, I started making armor kits and used embossing. The mats are painful at 400, as you have to have Arctic Fur, a ton of Nerubian Chitin, or a ton of Icy Dragonscales. You can get two points from enchanting your own bracers and pants; the other points I recommend doing through Nerubian Leg Armor, as otherwise you have to use a lot of chitin or dragonscales making the boots, and you want to save those for 410.

At 405 you get Jormungar Leg Armor, whose mats are considerably easier to procure, to 410. Now comes a giant gap of no patterns to 415. This is the time to make those boots if you have the mats, but otherwise, keep your fingers crossed on the yellow armor kits. I maybe made two boots, the other points from yellow patterns.

At 415 it becomes considerably easier, as all the profession and ammo bags become available. I made 5 Packs of Endless Pockets and called it good, but all the bags are easy to do.

Skill level 420 allows the acquirement of the Frost Resist Gear, which I highly recommend you pick up immediately. Everyone needs FrR made, so this is the best way to get skill ups. This point was a rinse and repeat of pre-400: get a lot of mats and see what you can make. Get on those trade channel requests for quivers/pouches and FrR, as you can get lucky from a lot of yellows.

The biggest gamble I took was 435. This is another period of no new patterns, and now there are no orange patterns either. I had a decent amount of Arctic Fur at this point, so I made Icescale Leg Armor in bulk to hit 440.

From 440 on, it's no picnic, and I pretty much ceased actively trying to level it once I made all my FrR. To hit 450, I bought all the epic patterns and replied to everyone who needed something made. I managed five points alone on maybe four requests for now-green FrR, so don't think their green level is fruitless! The epics got the me the rest of the way (including a pair of Giantmain Bracers for myself).

Keep your eye out in Trade channel, and good luck!

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