Friday, January 23, 2009

You might be dependent if...

Yesterday was a very long day of academia. I had two hour-and-a-half long classes in row, followed by two two-hour labs filled with complex code writing and ancient program heckling. At one point I grew so frustrated I just threw my work to the side and announced, "I'm an ecologist, dammit! Insects don't use computers!" (Except to live in.) The end result was such extreme fatigue that once I got back home, I just sat in front of my computer, watching the scurrying of Dalaran pass by me, with no energy to even do a daily.

Last night we attempted OS25+3D again, and I sat out. I didn't even just sit out, I logged off and was asleep an hour before raid would end. I have no idea how well we progressed, or even if they decided to forgo the attempts in favor of something else.

I could say it felt good to get a full night sleep for once, but I dislike missing raiding, which makes me wonder how dependent I am on my nightly three hour excursion into the dungeons of Azeroth. While my sleep was refreshing, I had a very long dream about my computer breaking because I wasn't raiding. Everything I tried to do on it was failing, the screen was glitching, and when I logged on to remedy my absence, the Naxx run I was in was falling apart - I even fell through the hole in the pipe leading to Gluth's room! My guildees began telling me how I was failing them, because I wasn't there to raid.

Now, I find this highly ironic, considering I didn't raid last night because exhaustion is not a good thing to have while working on OS25+3D - I didn't want to be a weak link when I should be an example for others. On the other hand, this obsessive dream may be an all too real example of my addiction to this game. While I'm okay with this, it is a tad unsettling how one conscious decision to change up a routine affects you.

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