Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bulk post

This week was the first of the Winter Quarter, so I've been slightly more busy than usual. Right now I'm thinking about making up some ramen before planting in front of the TV for a bit before raid. I've been musing over topics, and none of them very concrete, so I'll just post them all now.

I heart RAP:

This was from last-night's Maylgos-25 attempt. Before that we had one-shotted OS-25+Tenebron. How we did it: Don't go in the portal! Just burn him down, AoE tank all the adds as they come, and do the fight as usual. However, the adds make the Void Zones even more difficult to see, and now that you have 100% increased Shadow Damage, you can't risk a single tick. I died to a void zone hiding under the mass of adds that I sorta, kinda pulled while Volleying, so be careful!

I managed Loremaster of Kalimdor yesterday, with only about 25 quests left in Eastern Kingdoms. If you are Horde, I highly recommend Test of Faith started by Dorn Plainstalker in Thousand Needles. I never knew the quest line existed, and it is a wonderful one. It gives about half-n-half Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms, as you go to Undercity to finish it. If you are going for Loremaster for the lore, then it is extremely poignant:

Another great questline (the one that sent me over the top) was the Fallen Hero of the Horde quest line. It begins in Swamp of Sorrows, but it sends you over to Kalimdor for a good half-dozen quests.

I highly, highly, highly recommend this post on the official forums for getting hard-to-find quests.

I'm hungry.

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