Monday, January 19, 2009

Fifteen bosses in three hours

It was a push through Naxx 10 last night, where the majority of the epics that dropped were sharded or to reluctant off-specs. The Sealing Ring of Grobbulus dropped, but my 8 roll was matched by a fury warrior's 8 roll, and beaten by the other hunter's 14 roll. A couple of other classes got a few usable items, but nothing really noteworthy.

While we didn't really have anyone undergeared, we ran it with a ret pally and fury warrior respecced as prot for the night, three healers, and five 2600 DPS (average); it felt slow. Our boss kill times were on an average over a minute slower than our fastest times, and while trash was effiencently done, it was just painful (literally, my wrist started cramping again) to get through it all. We set challanges for ourselves as motivation, and while we didn't feel like we had the DPS for And They Would All Go Down Together, we did join The Hundred Club. Huge props to the healers for that.

This was our last Naxx 10 to be guild scheduled. It will be pushed off to off-nights now, or pugged. Admittedly, I still have upgrades in there, but I find it tiring to have to clear the entire instance for one bloody ring. Yes, it is one of the best rings, but it's just something that I'll have to forgo and wait until the next instance to upgrade. I don't have to have best in slot now - just what I need to get me by. We'll still run the instance as a guild, no doubt. We have Naxx-8 planned for next weekend, and there will be achievement runs to polish off Glory of the Raider. Maybe I'll get lucky then.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Eh... honestly, it's third-best-in-slot, which is why I'm less concerned about it now.

What you need more than anything is Surge-Needle Ring from Malygos 10, which is best-in-slot.

Meh, not that it matters if I keep getting wait-listed for shitty Warlocks who can't even breach 1500 DPS.

Neggles said...

A lock not hitting 1500 DPS...? That's possible? You might need to discuss this with your raid leaders...

I'm somewhere around 320 hit right now, allowing for some wiggle room as gear changes, so perhaps on Surge-Needle. I passed on the boots that dropped on 25 man, just because I don't want a monopoly on the gear from there so quickly.