Friday, January 2, 2009

I knew there was a reason Thrusting Hodir's Spear disturbed me!

Probably the best daily ever, Thrusting Hodir's Spear, was praised early in beta for being an awesome quest. Throw a spear at a blue protodrake flying nearby, then fight the magnificent beast to the death while hanging on to its belly. The quest is fun as all hell, but the inner biologist in me has qualms about killing a beautiful creature out of sport and honor (the same part of me that wants to kill Hemet Nessingwary). This summary on WoWhead confirms my suspicions:

"The connection to nordic mythos is disturbing for those that know it. Hodir is most probably a reference to Höður hinn blindi (Hod the blind). Loki tricked Hod into thrusting a spear with a mistletoe tip at Baldur (Baldr the beautiful). Baldr's mother, Sif, the consort of Óðinn the highgod of Valhalla had asked every plant in nature to spare Baldr except the mistletoe, thinking the plant was too weak to hurt anything. This resulted in the gods taking great pleasure in tossing things at Baldr, amused that nothing hurt him. Well, Hod could not see what it was he tossed so Baldr dies, Loki gets chased around the world for causing his death and incarceration in Hel, eventually caught and trapped at the roots of the earth in an exceptionally lurid BDSM position (chained to the roots of the earth with a snake hanging over his eyes dripping venom, Loki's wife standing at his headrest with a bowl to catch the snake's venom, once in a while the bowl fills and she has to empty it out, venom drips in Loki's eyes and he shakes the roots of the earth causing earthquakes) starting the plot for how to get even with the gods of Valhalla. Eventually Loki leads the Naglfar (ship of nails, as in, human nails) from Hel in Rangarök (literally: end of Gods).

In short: kill beauty and start the sequence that ends the world."

Sigh, bringing about the end of the world just had to be so much fun...

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