Monday, January 26, 2009


The fear garnered by the text change on Mirror of Truth put me into "must-find-replacement-NOW" mode, so my surplus of gold has become a Nobles Deck. (I paid 12.6K gold for all the cards, a rather great bargain.)

My options are thus:

1. Keep Mirror of Truth and replace Grim Toll with Greatness, and respec to make up for the 83 hit I loose.

2. Replace Mirror of Truth with Greatness, and change nothing.

Currently I am sitting 297 hit, nearly perfect. Dropping Grim Toll puts me at 6.5%. Either I move two points into Focused Aim and make up the last .5% of hit in gear and enchants, or place all three points into Focused Aim and take off hit in gear and enchants.

If I move two points, the most likely options are one point from Go for the Throat and (cry) Silent Shot. If I move three points, I would most likely sacrifice Aspect Mastery, or maybe Go for the Throat and Efficiency, neither of which I am thrilled about.

Obviously, my mind is already made up, it's just a matter of how exactly I move my points around. The second option (keep Grim Toll) is only tempting to push off the respeccing work.

I have a week to think about it yet.

Settling on this build for the 2% hit.


Chip Turner said...

I would suggest dropping Grim Toll. Armor penetration is not that amazing (benefits a subset of your shots, and not your pet at all), but Attack Power is quite nice.

You actually only need 8% hit now (263 rating), too, so dropping Grim Toll, as you point out, puts you a bit below hit cap, but not actually that far. You can use +hit food, however, or slightly regem/enchant, to easily make up the difference. Between yellow gems, orange gems, and the Icewalker enchant, it is pretty easy to move up or down a few points of hit (one good candidate might be the gem in your gloves).

Focused Aim should be avoided if possible; it doesn't transfer to your pet. Too bad you're a smelly Tauren; Alliance get +1% hit from Draenei who make this a bit easier for us :)

I, too, built my Greatness deck this week... can't wait til Monday!

Neggles said...

Indeed, I know to drop Grim Toll, like I said, I'm just reluctant to think through the whole respec :P

Has the 8% hit cap been confirmed? if so, then this became considerably easier to deal with.

And Tauren are a quite clean species, tyvm! With our heightened sense of smell, we cannot tolerate smelliness!

Rilgon Arcsinh said...


It's 8%. Not 9%.

I've done over 40,000 shots at varying levels of hit that all point to 8%. I'd have to be the luckiest person alive to have THAT much of a statistical outlying.

Neggles said...


Well, that clears up the dilemma then.

(Call me 'woman' again, and I'll start calling you 'asshole' ;))

Chip said...

I'm pretty sure you smell. I mean, you're covered in fur and eat grass. Also you hang out with ambulatory corpses and orcs, which implies your sense of smell isn't working right.

Neggles said...

...then why do you have 9% hit, Rilgon? 197 + talented = 9%

Neggles said...

Tauren =/= cow. I prefer a nice balanced diet of fruits, mushrooms, and Alliance flesh.

And I keep my fur clean - Krunch may fear water, but I do not!

Though, yes, I cannot say the same for my orc brethren.

But Tauren do not smell.

Rilgon Arcsinh said...

...then why do you have 9% hit, Rilgon? 197 + talented = 9%

10%, actually, when you count my Chintacle Radar, but yeah, it's mostly because loot isn't dropping. I'm keeping fringe hit (mostly in the form of Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood) so I can immediately switch into a new piece of gear if it drops.