Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Raider's Dream or Nightmare

We attempted Obsidian Sanctum+1 Drake 25 last night. Killing the drakes before pulling Sartharion makes this fight relatively easy: Move with the lava wall, kill the tiny elemental adds, and win loot. However, adding just one drake makes this fight much more interesting.

We left Vesperon up, the drake that decreases everyone's health by 25%. He doesn't join the fight until a minute-thirty after the pull, leaving plenty of time to burn down Sartharion to around 50%. When he joins, everyone now has to concern themselves with void zones and the portal, in addition to avoiding the lava wall and the elemental adds.

All of the dps (except for one, who was calling the void zones and lava wall), the druid/shaman healers, and the druid tank entered the portal and burned down the dragon add, while positioning ourselves inside the portal in preparation for the lava wall; the pally and priest healers stayed out to keep the three tanks outside the portal alive. We were inside for all of 10 seconds. Once we popped out, we AoEed down the elemental adds being tanked by the pally tank, then worked on Vesperon being tanked by another druid, before rinsing and repeating the cycle. It took maybe three portal cycles before Vesperon was downed, then we were free to dps Sartharion normally.

I enjoyed myself immensely. I love multi-tasking (after all, I play a Hunter), so finding that perfect balance of attention dedication was a fun challenge. It took me a couple of tries of getting smacked by the lava walls to remember to move while burning down the elemental adds. The most annoying issue was when void zones would spawn under us while we were clumped up for lava walls; one took two-thirds of the raid in one shot. My biggest tip: Max out your camera distance (/console CameraDistanceMaxFactor 5) to see what side the lava wall is on, so you can immediately be aware of what direction you should move to)

Success is sweet:


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

Yeah, I was in a Sarth pug that decided to try 1D, and holy crap that's intense.

We didn't get it, but it was a blast.

Sarai said...

Grats! :)