Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fastest Title Ever + Naxx 8

I think the Festive Green Dress brings out my eyes.

In other news, ran Naxx8 last night, which was the Longest Raid Ever. At over four hours, I was exhausted by the time we polished off Kel'Thuzad.

Our raid was comprised of a warrior tank, a fury warrior off-tank, a druid and paladin healers, two hunters, fury warrior, and enhancement shaman; it was a dream of a physical raid. We managed around six achievements, though it was difficult to tell because we already had some like Arachnophobia. Spore Loser wasn't nearly as terrible as we thought it would be - the spores simply knocked on the pally healer for a bit before despawning. I rather enjoyed Thaddius, though it took a bit to coordinate killing the two mini-bosses prior, the double end achievement was pretty cool:

While we made several attempts at Just Can't Get Enough, our range DPS was spread too thin to AoE down all the skeletons while killing the banshees and pulling the abominations, and I think some of us were getting tired; my head was throbbing at this point. It was possible, but we decided four hours was enough, and just killed him.

Our chance at The Undying was cut short early, but I think it will be easier to do with 10 people without much concern for other achievements.

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