Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The weather wants me to play WoW

With the entirety of Chicago under a blanket of snow well over a foot in depth, my motivation to trudge/cram into a bus to make the mile trek to campus is understandably low. I wake up for my morning classes, see the snow spiraling down, and try not to think how happy and warm my bed is. This also means that energy-expensive activities like homework are less appealing then spending hour after hour on my computer, envying my character's natural fur coat. But I'm on the ball this quarter, and I should really stay that way to get me through the winter.

I raised my GPA some more last quarter, as I have been ever since the atrocity of my second year occurred. And while, yes, I did play WoW then, as I have been since coming to college, the only thing to blame for that year was O-Chem. (Organic Chemistry, just so you know, is the Gul'dan of courses; O-Chem at the University of Chicago is Kil'Jaeden.) I've heard many horror stories about college students flunking out due to video game addiction, but as long as my GPA doesn't falter, I have no motivation to curb my playing. My courses this quarter are fun and interesting, and once my BA has been completed, life will be grand (in that 'oh fuck I'm about to enter the real world' kinda grand...).

Anyway, I'm embittered that the patch didn't hit yesterday. The anticipation has been building long enough, and I'm tired of waiting for it.

Almost cleared Naxx 25 in three hours last night; four wipes due to bad Hateful Strike luck on Patchwerk added 20-minutes that could have been used to finished Sapp and KT. Picked up a handful of shinies, mainly side grades, only for me to come to the conclusion that our T7/7.5 set bonuses really suck. The pet damage boost is nice, but I'm so rarely in Viper any more that the motivation to get the four-piece bonus is lacking.

Oh, and tip for clearing Naxx fast for timed achievements and the like: Push on with trash and let the Master Looter stay behind to take bids. I don't doubt that this would work with DKP systems along with Loot Council.

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Anonymous said...

That snow storm went all the way from you guys to us, down in Ohio.

Keep your darn snow up there dag nabit!

Trixy cowz...


Glad to see you're staying strong with your GPA. I really respect that and think its awesome! You should definitely be proud. You may not think "not playing" is an "achievement" (oh jeeze moar puns?) but ensuring you take the time to get that GPA is perfect!

The game will always be here. When you graduate, when you have kids...whatever the day holds. It'll be here all warm and unaffected by silly RL snow storms. hehe