Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This game is going to kill me...

Gather round, oh beloved readers, for it is story time at the Butterfly.

Once upon a time, long, long ago, Negathle made her first server transfer to a Real Raiding Guild. She knew her class pretty well, she was convinced she was fairly adept at end game raiding, and she was eager to prove herself. The guild she had left had killed Hydross in Serpent Shrine Cavern before falling apart, and the guild she joined had only killed two bosses after that, so she knew she was exactly where she wanted to be in terms of progression. The guild itself seemed full of nice people (with a few not-so-nice people), so Neg wanted to make sure she was making a good impression.

On her first raid with her new guild, Neg is brought in for Hydross. "Okay," she thought, "I know this boss. Just don't pull aggro!" The trash is cleared, the Frost and Nature Resist is equipped, and the tanks prepare themselves for the the pull. The Main Tank, in his shiny blue Frost Plate from Naxx40, takes a swig from his Invisibility Potion, and runs toward the boss, aggroing him and pulling him back to become Cleansed - that is, the boss assumes a frost presence and four water adds appear to be killed. Neg dutifully kills the adds, then goes back to DPSing the boss. At a certain point, the Main Tank calls for the Off Tank to take the boss across the midline of the area to be Tainted, the the process is repeated, except with four nature adds this time. Once again, Neg kills the adds and goes back to the boss. This goes on for a handful of rotations, at which point Neg is not-so-carefully DPSing the boss when he is on the frost side and suddenly notices him face her and start to head to the poison side.

Neg's Feign Death hotkey began smoking as she pounded it.

Fortunately for her, the crisis was adverted (or, at least, she thinks it was, because they didn't gkick her there on the spot), but she can still recall the pure terror she felt as the boss turned around and began making his way toward her at a time that was detrimental to the raid. All sorts of thoughts regarding the repercussions of her aggro pull danced through her head, and her heart stopped for a good two seconds.

That was over two years ago. Fast forward to last night. Neg is on a new server, in a new Real Raiding Guild. She knows her class pretty well, she is convinced she is adept at end game raiding, and she is eager to maintain herself as a quality raider. Neg had spent the first two hours of the raid night downing the Faction Champions in Heroic Trial of the Crusader, then working through the rest of the tribute attempts playing Chaotic Frogger as a soaker for the Twin Val'kyrs. She is fairly content with the night when the raid went off to spend an hour (or less) on Algalon.

Neg assumed her usual position to kill stars, but this time she fixed her targeting macro to not use Hunter's Mark on the stars, so she decided to keep Algalon marked instead. She clicked on the boss, and watched as a line of white flew from her bow to the giant constallation man. Her heart stopped for a full two seconds as the raid wiped instantaneously.

Fortunately for her, the boss simply reset and did not start the timer. However, Neg was on edge for the rest of the night, fearful to even move her mouse close to the boss before the pull was made. It had been a long time since she felt so horrified.

The End


Eidtalheg said...

Ah, yes, this reminds me of one time in hOK when, after downing the last mob in one pack of trash, I somehow began shooting at the next group some 25 yards down the hallway. Suspecting the problem, I looked in my options menu, and sure enough, "stop auto-attack on target change" was unchecked.
That's one thing I'll never again forget to check after a fresh install. :P

Shagrat said...

Ah, the auto-shot pull. We have a hunter in our guild who did that on not one, but two consecutive attempts at Vezax about a month ago or so. He wore the player note 'not one, but two auto-shot pulls' for a while. Many lulz were had afterward.

On my ladycow hunter I have the same Hunter's Mark macro as I do on my main...almost. For some reason I don't have the shift modifier on it and I've had a few heart attacks marking something while holding down my shift key (which on Shagrat marks the target without the /petattack)then watch my pet start streaking towards the boss.

Rahima said...

Heart-stopping is definitely the right word for it! I can just imagine...

And now the nerve to have a hunter alt is gone, haha.

Llyrra said...

Or the day when I finally downloaded Bartender and set everything up so very nicely! Enter Ulduar at Mimiron; sitting down, having a fish feast, I hit the button to park my pet. Seconds later I hear "What the #$@! is your pet doing? Aw shit, he started the fight!"

Eyedontheal said...

*gently pats Negathle*
There there brown cow.

The other day in a 10 ToC, I forgot that my Felhunter was on aggressive. As we brought down Faction Champs, I see my litte demon's tail wagging as he runs in and pulls everything. It was glorious humiliation.

Ashvoyager said...

Don't worry about it! Everyone makes a mistake like that once in a while. Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.

AeroWow said...

Oh, that brings back recent memories. It was the Newly-Renamed, Freshly-Transferred Soleniae's first raid with a real raiding guild. The boss happened to be Algalon on 25s, which was a few hard modes past anything I'd done before. I was excited, anxious, and just praying that I didn't do something stupid between Black Holes and Cosmic Smashes.

I'm setting up in my position, getting ready to pre-pot, making sure he's my focus, getting ready with my hands-sprawled-across-the-keyboard Charge+Heroic Throw+Rend combo, and...

Oh, CRAP, I just Charged Algalon.

They still won't let me live it down. ;D