Thursday, September 3, 2009


It was brought up in Rilgon's chat after his podcast recording that my guild was going through a merger. Said collusion of two raiding guilds had been under discussion for several weeks, until finally undertaken on Tuesday. The guild that joined ours was somewhat similar to my old guild: Progression minded, but not cutthroat. So, it was expected that we would have a slew of gquits and gkicks from both parties as the guild officers work to form a raiding core.

Tuesday's raid went very well: We disposed Anub'arak quickly enough, and then went on to Ulduar. Raiders were brought in and out of the instance for comparison purposes all night, and overall it was a successful and smooth run. Last night, however, was proof that the merger is a success.

We downed Firefighter in two hours. Then we walked into the Conservatory of Life and downed Freya with three Elders up. Two Hard Modes in one night; the latter we essentially walked in and sucker-punched. It was an amazing night, and we all left feeling confident withourselves. Sure, it was two Hard Modes after they were nerfed, but they were two Hard Modes that only two other guilds on the server had completed. We had shot up the ranks of guilds in a matter of four hours.

I felt like singing. Of course, when I get excited like that, my cheeriness begins to affect my sensiblities, so I was probably a little more chattery than I would have normally approved of (Hard Mode Ownage, the next cheap girly drink?). To top it all off, the players who I was loathe to play with due to attitude, play style, or some combination of those two were either booted or quit willingly, making me even more cheery. We lost one hunter due to RL stress, and another just gquit without saying a word, making our net influx of hunters equal to zero.

To add more to the flurry of the last few days, our main tank and healing lead (with a certain spacebubble mace) asked me if I would be interested in a DK + Shaman + Hunter 3v3 team. Now, in my list of priorities for enjoying this game are in order of PvE > Battlegrounds > Arena, but I wouldn't sooner be dead than passing up a new challange, particularly one with a coordinated PvP goal. I miss my old battleground considerably, so to be involved in an organized PvP effort again was a breath of life. The irony, however, did not escape me that immediately after changing my PvP spec to a Vezax-approved SV spec (grumble grumble, oh how I dislike that spec) I get asked to join an arena team. Tips for spec, glyphs, strats, etc. are most welcome.


RFairney said...

Grats on all the raid progress!

And go for the pvp! should do well :D

I had to spec survival spec the other day because the guild was doing hodir... and apparently mages don't cast enough spells to stack up the debuff, or to keep it up.

Tempted to drop it and just pick up BM so my secondary spec is used.
I never have issues running as MM on Vezax :)

Shagrat said...

So Escalation Inc has come to pass eh? Grats on the successful merger. I've always felt that mergers only work if the two or more guild merging all shared the same mindset and goals.