Saturday, September 12, 2009

ATTN: Horde in Eye of the Storm

I'm looking right at you, Stormstrike battlegroup.

In my honor farm, I frequently jump into Eye of the Storm in interest of getting a token or three for the Token Honor. Like every other battlegroup, Horde has conceeded Eye of the Storm because of the way the battleground works: You win only if you do the boring thing of holding towers and not the fun thing of getting the flag. So very few Horde queue for EotS because both it is a boring battleground and because they anticipate losing, wheras the Alliance has a full 15 immediately. The Alliance anticipate at win regardless of their team's ability because they know only a small number of Horde will begin the game. It is an annoying and vicious cycle - much like it was for Alliance in Alterac Valley several patches ago.

One EotS began with a rare 13 or 14 Horde already in by the minute mark. Encouraged by these numbers, I immediately went into leadership mode and started typing in /bg: Okay, we have numbers, this is possible - Ignore the flag and go for the towers! We immediately capped three towers, but the vast majority of the team was in the middle, squabbling over the flag. At one point, an individual that understood the mechanics of the fight grabbed the flag and at with me at Blood Elf Tower, only to be harrassed in /bg for not capping it. All this while, the other towers were exchanging hands, and I was telling the team to get out of the middle - there is no flag there and there won't be - go get the towers back.

Then some poor player uttered this: Get the flag and fuck the towers.


Let's just say the people in my Vent channel bore witness to the angry side of the Angry Butterfly...

We won the game in the end, and here are the results:

Top honor, right there. Myself and the pally below me were on defense the entire time.

While this obviously is not definitive proof if you have any knowledge of experimental data (ye gods, what a horrible experiment that would be... so many variables....), please let this motivate you to play this battleground to win, and LET THEM COME TO YOU.


Kordwar said...

My old Warlock 2s partner would rocketboots xtreme to the center and grab the flag. Run southwest, drop portal and sit on a tiny cliff that once you get onto you can never get back up, or if you miss it you die.

Alot of cries of "CAP THE FUCKING FLAG" got responses of "i'm sorry, i can hear you over those three blue towers ^^"

Kelendil of Lightninghoof said...

If these BGs actually anger you so, perhaps you should get a grip on your life and log off for a while and actually do something productive as opposed to venting your frustrations to helpless souls on ventrilo.

Nomasun said...

stfu Kelendil, go read something else if you don't like her stories.

Negathle said...

@ Kelendil

You would be right if I was doing these BGs in casual play. But, I was playing with the honor grind in mind, so dealing with stupidity when we had such initial promises of winning did not sit well with me.

Kordwar said...


You might want to be careful, might fall off that high horse.

Alot of aspects of this game are frustrating, PvP, PvE, quests, anything. Whether it be healers or tanks standing in void zones or killshot missing a rogue who cold blood mutilates you and you die.

If my understanding of you from that brief paragraph is correct, you ragequit easily. I don't. That's how i've survived 5 seasons as a hunter in arena.

Pike said...

*volunteers to make a character on Lightninghoof and send Kelendil some Tasty Cupcakes to cheer him up* ;D

Shagrat said...

It's moments like these that make me sometimes wish I was on a server cluster with a decent horde PvP ability.

My own experience with a few attempts at WSG earlier today only cemented my small desire. Stormstrike's PvP seems to be... lacking to put it politely.

Torgall said...

Negs and Shagrat... I've always been part of the Stormstrike battlegroup (Duskwood, have never changed servers since I started with vanilla WoW). And yes, PVP is not a Stormstrike Horde strong point. I can't remember the last time I stepped into EotS... oh wait, Children's Week. Horde seems to do AV well enough, but I think that's just because our Crusader Aura is faster than the Alliance's. ;) Anyway, at least I know enough to forget about the flag and cap the towers in EotS. I'll have to start looking for either of you next time I'm running BGs.