Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nerd rage!

I received a shiny new upgrade the other day (after stupidly dying in a fire that I stupidly didn't notice because I was stupidly focusing on other things), and I'm enjoyed the DPS boost it is bringing. I'm still not where the officers would like me to be (comparing me to hunters from Ensidia and Fusion - if you want to feel like nothing you do is proficient, have that done to you), but I am feeling more confident as time goes on.

After a quick clear of Ony and ToC, we went in to Ulduar to forgo any patch day "love" the servers would dish out to waste H:ToC attempts. Rocky path all around, all the way up to Assembly of Iron.

If you have never done Assembly of Iron: Steelbreaker Last, it is a hunter's DPS orgasm. There is nothing you have to move out of, you move only to get the near runes during the first third of the fight, then move to set up tanking positions once Runemaster dies, and that's it. All you have to do is perfect your shot rotation, time your cooldowns well, and just crank out the DPS. There is nothing else to worry about (assuming your healers know what they are going).

I was rocking the meters on our first pull, loving that green bar at the top of recount... and we wipe.

I informed the raid that I hated them all.

So we did it again, and I pulled another beautiful green bar. And we wipe.

Another pull, another ever so lovely green bar. And we wipe.

I asked the raid if they wanted to see me cry.

With our fifth attempt (another great start, another wipe), we just gave up for the day and moved on.

Fuck my life.


Ashvoyager said...

you lack the testosterone required to sufficiently press buttons at the proper intervals due primarily to your female condition.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing else to worry about (assuming your healers know what they are doing*).


Eyedontheal said...

Sorry for the Anon, iz fixt.