Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It's Tuesday!

Stupid server maintenance... Here, have some screenshots to spice up the day:

It's good to know some people still love that ancient art of kiting-bosses-across-continents.

Meet my little squire. His name is Zuggy.

When attempting Six-Minute-AV (impossible now that raid queues are banned, I swear), there is only one way to travel.

Sometimes, you just have to lay back and enjoy how beautiful this game is.


Anonymous said...

And sometimes, you just have to admire how beautiful the 310 drakes are :D


Jaedia said...

Lol, dragon in 1k Needles made me giggle ^-^
And now the servers are down, what do we spend our time doing? Researching WoW stuff time? :D

Kordwar said...

you can still do premades, Xrealms AV has everyone in vent and single queue at once. It's amazing.