Monday, September 14, 2009

Some things never change...

Beast Mastery is still mindlessly boring and overpowered... in arena at least.

So we started this weekend with a 1500 rating and ended it with a 1750. While the grind up to 1500 was long and a bit arduous when I was Marksman, the road to 1700 was a complete joke when I respecced. Pick a target, Big Red Puppy, target goes boom. My partners are considering changing the 3v3 name to "Carried by Shorty" (that would be 5'3" me).

While it is interesting seeing a health bar go down in about 10 seconds, it is otherwise very boring. Only one Deterrence. Only one Rapid-Fire mana battery. No Silence/Interrupt. No emergency Scatter. Traps are just plain ol' traps. But rogues are not so much of a problem now, so that is a welcome change.

The nerf to Beast Within is pretty obvious, and I am glad that they are giving it a minor boost in PvE since it is a complete arena nerf.


Rilgon Arcsinh said...

It's so minor that they might as well not bother.

At least they're FINALLY pulling their head out of their asses and not completely mutilating the spec because of lolrena, though (like they did with Disc).

Criven said...

*Shrug* Rilgon, they neutered the spec a fair while back. Short of removing the pet, there wasn't much worse they could do to it.

On average it's a buff of about 2%, in practice since BM still falls so incredibly short of the other two specs, they've just neutered our last advantage (burst DPS) and given us mana problems.

I'm seriously considering moving my second spec out of BM. It'll be the first time since I started playing that Criven won't be BM.

It's kind of a sad decision for me. :(

Kordwar said...

yes the loss of 8 seconds (13 with a chain if you're disarmed) is a big arena nerf, the fact that you get a 2nd trinket has potential.

But i digress, beast cleave is beyond retarded. i tried the 50/21/0 spec before the nerf and felt dirty after matches.

Shagrat said...

Kord-I'm almost 100% positive that using bestial wrath puts your trinket on cooldown. I was killing some alliance in Org a few nights ago and swapped to BM just for fun and every time I would use my trinket to break a stun or root, it would be on cooldown because I had used BW earlier. But I could also be insane and just imagining it.

And it ain't much better for PvE either. Since Rakicide currently has no ret I volunteered to spec it for Ferocious Inspiration. I wanted to cry last night during raid. I don't think I ever broke the top 10 for damage, except for the very start of the fight when I would use all my DPS cooldowns. WTB ret paladin, PST.

Criven said...

It shouldn't be putting your trinkets on cooldown Shagrat.

hmmm. You don't have a macro binding your dps trinkets in do you? If you were using slot address, rather than trinket name, to do that it'd explain it.

Shagrat said...

Criven: /facepalm. That's exactly it.

/use 13
/cast Kill Command
/cast Bestial Wrath

and of course I put my trinket in where my Wrathstone currently resides, which is the 13 slot. *sigh* I'm such fail sometimes.

Pike said...

I gave up trying to PvP as BM a long time ago. What happens is my pet gets targeted and then my pet dies and then yeah. x_x Much easier for me to PvP as MM where I don't have to worry about it, and where I have Aimed and Silencing.

To be fair though, I don't arena.

And I guess this only applies to endgame PvP, pre-60 PvP as Beast Master is fun as all heck :3