Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My exact words: No wai

I admit, my heart went a flutter when I won it.


Blindreaper said...

Oh i was excited. I've been raiding with Skaterj since we were in Icon together and we were talking in whispers all night. He QQed pretty hard. All I had to say to him was "She's probably our best hunter and although it's a nice weapon for many classes, it screams HUNTER WEAPON." Sooooooooooo YAY NEG! :D

Shagrat said...

I think it's safe to say Fuck you General Vezax? Grats Neg.

Tonight's raid night for Rakicide, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a bit of love from the Val'kyr or Anub'arak.

Negathle said...

Dudes, and to think I was hoping Anub would drop the belt!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing - Rain's still carrying around that dirty cat head on a stick from the Argent Tournament.