Monday, September 28, 2009

Bad Butterfly!

I have not intentionally been avoiding the blog, but, admittedly, there hasn't been much to write about. This is fairly evidenced by the lack of meaty posts in the hunter blogosphere as of late. I have one RP in progress, where I shamelessly borrow our MT's persona for my own nefarious purposes, but it is a bit of a time coming, and otherwise, I'm running dry on ideas.

I suppose I did get into a bit of an argument over on the science-blog Pharyngula about the role of the Light in the game. I see it as too much of an analog for the monotheistic religions - I want to escape to a fantasy world, not one that is eerily like reality in that aspect! Though I admit I read into and analyse content too much and probably wouldn't compare the Light to Xanity if I didn't grow up surrounded by it, I was told that it's just a game more than a few times. Oh well. If some of you want to get into an indepth discussion about the topic, we can knock it around.

Otherwise, real life has been busy busy busy. I'm meeting with my potential grad school advisor on Friday, trying to study for the GRE before I take it on the 15th, and applying the least amount of effort possible towards looking for a temporary job. Then there is the mattress shopping and the kitten adoption, the grocery shopping and Quality Time With The Boy. Neg's been a busy little bee.

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Stupid Mage said...

We totally understand the newlywed lack of time thing.

Already got the mattress kill too. I'm impressed.