Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Hero's Tale

So there we were. The Horde hadn't won Wintergrasp since yesterday. Every three hours, another humiliating defeat at the hands of the defending Alliance. The Horde of Turalyon were frustrated and exhausted, yet burning to attain victory. We would not concede defeat.

My 3v3 team had just finished a hot streak of seven straight wins, finally reaching the 1800 mark. We were eager to grind honor to reap our rewards. With Wintergrasp up, I positioned myself on a western tower of the keep, destroying the cannons from above, then jumping down on the walls to destroy the wall cannons and snipe the Alliance from above. My partners had jumped in some approaching seige engines.

As the wall crumbled below me, I ran foward to destory the inner cannons. Soon that wall had also fallen, so I rushed inside to make my way to the keep door. One of my partners in a seige cannon announced the door was about to fall. I positioned myself to be ready. Down it fell, and the bewildered Alliance watched as I ran in and took the relic.

Then I danced as fifty angry Alliance killed me.


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Streamer said...

I was in a demolisher... k thx....