Monday, September 7, 2009

My inner fan girl totally squealed

There we were, grinding away in our new 3v3 team, learning how to work with each other, adapting to intercommunication, forming strategies against various comps, all that jazz, when somehow the conversation between matches turns to hunters in BC. I casually mentioned that the one hunter that I adored above all was Howi, that champion of Marksmanship when it was in its darkest hour.

"I totally wanted to make a sign that said, 'Tame Me, Howi'" I giggled, a bit embarrassed.

"Howitzer?" our healer and GM asks.

"Yes," I reply, slightly amused. "How did you know?"

"He's on the server."


Okay, maybe my outer fan girl squealed, too...

I must have known it at sometime, read his guild tag on the Official Forums, but I never made the connection since he quit his hunter so long ago, and I later jumped servers.

So, here I am, on the same server as one of the greatest and well-known hunters. Do I talk to him? Do I send him a pic with a sign that says "Howi, be my Beast Within"? Or do I just adore him from afar, fawning over his mere proximity to me?

Oh, the dilemmas of a fan girl...

Anyway, our 3v3 experience has been advancing well. I'm still working on getting in the mindset of "survive" instead of "big numbers". I have definitely become pro at deterrence and disengage, and ever so slowly becoming adept at Freezing Arrow! My favorite experience so far was facing one on one with a lady Tauren DK. It had to be an awesome sight for a spectator!


Kordwar said...

if you're using freezing arrow as much as I am i suggest making the macro:

#showtooltip Freezing arrow
/cast !freezing arrow

if you haven't already.

That's awesome about howitzer! I had Bandet in my vent one night after a 2s match and was afraid I was going to geek out the entire time, seeing as he Rifluvr and Hazek are my hunter holy trinity.

I'd at least try to talk to him, couldn't hurt :P

Negathle said...

I don't think I give it as much time as I should. I'm using mostly Frost Traps and Freezing Traps when I'm under pressure.

Kordwar said...

I swapped to it after dueling my 2s partner for roughly 10 minutes straight in stonard. The "aftermath" daze effect from conflag made it a pain in the ass to set up a freeze trap, so i swapped to arrow. I replaced it on my bar but bound the trap elsewhere for when I'm disarmed. mousewheel up for frost, shift+mousewheel up for freeze.

Negathle said...

Hey, Kord, could you find me a good BM arena build/glyphs? <3

Kordwar said...

hybrid build? or full 51 BM?

Rilgon Arcsinh said...


Negathle said...

@ Kord

Could I get one of both? Luvs you, my little PvP-Hunter master!

Kordwar said...

daww shucks negs

i'll see what i can put together for you
53/18/0 build
41/15/13+2 points to put where you want. it's based off my old 41/4/16 build that I got from rifle lovin' 11

I'll be on all night if you want to chat on vent later if you have any questions