Thursday, September 24, 2009

In Which Neg Loses Another Piece of Sanity

I am hesitant to believe that there isn't a single player out there that has never dreamt about WoW. People may claim they haven't, but I'm sure they have and just never recalled it. Most of my dreams take place just inside the computer screen. Everything is still pixelated and obeys game mechanics, conversations still take place over Vent or in speech bubbles, so it is just like I'm normally playing.

(My most vivid of these dreams took place before the officer turnover in my old guild. Mount Hyjal had become a new zone, and I recall seeing my old GM/MT at one of the new quest givers. Then I just ran around, trying not to fall off the mountain sides.)

But rarely do my WoW dreams interact with my RL dreams, or as in last night's example, my wedding anxiety dreams. Myself, my grandfather, and a child that was supposed to be my cousin but looked nothing like her, were all trying to get to my non-existant destination wedding location (Ithaca, New York? What?), but some how in between all the flights, we got lost and couldn't remember where we were going. I said to gather round, I would summon us there (using the mood ring summoning ring on my right hand). But, alas, I couldn't recall what the location looked like (after all, I've never been there...), instead getting all these memories of Chicago, New York, St. Louis, and my old high school. The pressure was now on me, for my little cousin could only survive the summon once, else she'll DIE. So I told myself, "I know! I'll ask my blog readers what to do! For my wedding is tomorrow, and surely they can help!"

Then I woke up, confirmed to myself that my wedding is in fact not tomorrow (rather, the Save-The-Dates go out next month), then cursed my overactive imagination.


Steven said...

Best WoW / blog related wedding anxiety nightmare EVAR!

As a man who celebrated 9 years yesterday, trust me you will get through it, and most likely, without summoning sickness ;)

As for a solution to your in dream dilema? Find a Net Cafe and look at some picutres of Ithaca, Google Earth FTW!

Skarlarth and Co.

Stupid Mage said...

That is fantastic news! Congratulations and all that!!

It is a day full of all kinds of stress but when it's over you'll feel ...

Well, only those select few of us know the feeling of a Wedding Boss Kill and the things it unlocks ;)

Stupid Mage said...

Oh and regarding your dream, it's no wonder you're having problems. You're a Hunter not a Mage, you can't port.

Call the Warlock at your destination and have them give you the summon.

Jaedia said...

Haha your dreams sound as messed up as mine, I've just accepted that WoW pops up in my dreams from time to time now.